Stillwater Restoration’s Price list

* Please note that all price’s are in Canadian $  plus provincial HST and return shipping and there is a 50% non refundable deposit on stockmaking -Prices also reflect  good condition  firearms ,severe pitting ,stocks sent with unseen cracks   etc will be assessed upon arrival and a revised quote given ,  request for pictures and  phone calls   must be kept to a minimum  otherwise I will have to charge  *



Minimum shop charge

@ $75.00


(All stock price’s will include a standard grade of walnut ,plain butt plate and simple 18 lpi checkering pattern )

Traditional style Box lock – $ 2500.00 and up

  • some designs are quite complicated,thus will require more time and care  to inlet  *
  •  inlay work ,add ons  and extras all require extra time *

Sidelock action – $3400.00 and up

Add $300.00 -$600.00 (dependent on style ) if a new fore stock is needed as well

Rifle stock (one piece) – $2500.00
(This is for the average stock ,some require more in-letting ,some less …the price will vary accordingly )

New Checkering

18 lpi – $135.00 per panel
22 lpi – $160.00 per panel
24 lpi – $185.00 per panel

26 lpi -$210.00 per panel

re-cut of existing pattern (simple pattern) – $95.00 per panel

* please note ribbon’s, fleur de lis or complex pattern’s and very fine lines per inch will be quoted on a per job basis *Install buttpad standard flat – $70.00 +pad
spurred/curved – $150.00 + pad

Skeleton or heel & toe plate – $350.00 – $500.00 +plate

Buffalo Horn  buttplate $300.00 and up

*Please note ,the greatest care will be taken when cutting a stock for a pad ,but wood can and will sometime’s split.

Refinishing  work 

This can vary due to repairs and nature of the work involved ,but it starts  at

basic wood  refinish, rubbed oil  – $400.00.

Checkering re-cut  starting @ 18 lpi – $95.00 per panel

Slow rustblueing (excessive pitting will be priced per hour over regular rate)

Double barrel – $450.00
Single barrel (rifle /shotgun) – $275.00
Complete rifled action – $500.00

General Repair’s

Open choke on a non -chrome lined barrel – $65.00 per choke

Raise dent in a shotgun barrel – $55.00 per dent

Scope mounting pre -drilled – $75.00 plus mount’s and scope

*drill & tap @$35.00 per hole *

Sight in – $55.00 + ammo
Shotgun bead’s – $25.00 + bead

I order by the flat as per customer request,